Jam bake


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In Jam Bake, Camilla shares more than 80 incredible recipes for baking with the jams you make—from Empire Cookies to Rye and Coffee Hand Pies, or Angel Biscuit Donuts to Black Forest Torte. The jams themselves are lower sugar, without commercial pectin, and split into three distinctive categories:
• Standalones: preserves with single note flavors starring a specific fruit, such as Black Raspberry Jam
• Duets: pairings that shine together, like Prune & Meyer Lemon Butter
• Containing Multitudes: preserves full of all sort of fruits and more,
including Mulled Wine Marmalade

Don’t feel like making the jam that pairs with the baking recipes? No problem! Camilla has recommended store-bought substitutes for each sweet treat in addition to providing a helpful guide to buying quality preserves.

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