The Last Bite


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In this revolutionary book, award-winning pastry chef Anna Higham encourages you to approach creating a dessert as you would do savoury cooking: by engaging your senses, tasting, seasoning, and letting your ingredients shine.

Exploring key ingredients season by season, Anna helps you to really understand the "how" and "why" of dessert cooking, showing you how to work with fruit, grains, fats and chocolate, how to construct a dessert, and how to interrogate seasoning, structure, and texture to magnify flavour and taste.

Featuring more than 150 innovative and inspiring recipes for bakes, tarts, jams, mousses, meringues, ice creams and more, and over 40 plated seasonal desserts, from a light almond and fig cake in the autumn months to a rich elderflower custard in spring, The Last Bite celebrates a whole new approach to modern desserts.

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